State-owned enterprise in Krzeszowice ( Kopalnie Odkrywkowe Surowców Skalnych – KOSS ).

On 19 June, 2000, following the directive of the Małopolska Region Voivode, the KPiD took out a lease on the KOSS assets.

The Porphyry and Diabase Quarrying Company Ltd is made up of:

1. Company Management Board in Krzeszowice

2. Porphyry Quarries in Zalas

3. Diabase Quarries ” Niedżwiedzia Góra” in Tenczynek

4. Transport Station in Zalas

The KPiD Sp z o.o. KRS number is 0000122674.

At present the members of the Management Board are:

Daniel Kłosowski, MSc – Chairman of the Board and Company Director

Marek Stanek, MSc – Member of the Board,

Elżbieta Lenart, MSc – Member of the Board, Economic Director

Robert Dudzisz, Assistant Mining Director


The beginnings of exploitation of porphyry in the region date back to the 18th century. In 1787, the last Polish king, Stanisław August Poniatowski visited the stone-pit in Miękinia but it was not until 1852 when porphyry started to be extracted on a bigger scale.

Exploitation of porphyry in the village of Zalas began between the World Wars. The population of the area used primitive methods to provide themselves with it in order to harden roads or to lay foundating stones for wooden houses and farm buildings. The extraction took place at two neighbouring places where broken and paving stone, and flagstone was produced. The quarry was managed by various state enterprises from 1947. From July, 1970 to 18 July, 2000 quarrying was run by the Industrial Stone Quarrying Company in Krzeszowice (KOSS).

On 19 July, 2000 all the rights and responsibilities relating to the property of the KOSS

were taken over, following a lease-agreement, by the employee-owned Porphyry and Diabase Quarrying Company Ltd, based in Krzeszowice, ul. Kościuszki 10

Diabase, a rare sort of mineral of volcanic origin, is an important part of the rock material assortment of the Kraków region. It is extracted from a deposit “Niedźwiedzia Góra” situated in the village of Tenczynek. At the beginning, the quarry, built in1902, supplied rock material used to harden roads or to lay foundating stones for houses. The company was nationalised in 1948, and from then on formed a part of various state enterprises. The quarry, operated up to 18 July 2000 by the KOSS, was taken over on 19 July, 2000 by the Porphyry and Diabase Quarrying Company Ltd.

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